Mikrosam produces custom prepregging machines that can begin with lab scale drum winders to fully custom production systems for the production of many different types of either thermoset epoxy or thermoplastic matrices.  These machines can be designed for custom widths.  Epoxy systems are either solvent or hot melt.  Thermoplastic systems are based on precise powder scattering.  Both include precise speed and temperature controls, addition of release and protective films as needed and can be incorporated with one of our slitters.
The Mikrosam control system monitors all of the process variables and records any excursions as alarms.  Trends are available for analysis and history for each batch can be supplied to customers or archived as needed.  The Mikrosam prepreg making systems are designed to operate at the lowest cost possible so that materials can be efficiently produced for high volume industries such as automotive, wind, and construction.
Hot Melt Two Stage Pre Preg Line
Hot Melt Two Stage Pre Preg Line

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