Autometrix is proud of their well designed cutting machines and industry-leading pattern digitizing software. Autometrix's automated cutting systems can revolutionize the design and manufacturing processes of composites cutting for aerospace applications by delivering on the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.  With more than 30 years of experience in pattern-making software and machine design, Autometrix is a partner you can trust.  Our goal is to understand your unique business needs so we can suggest the appropriate software tools and cutting machine solutions. Our mission is to deliver the complete automation solution that meets all of your company's design and production needs. Autometrix machine purchases include software, installation, and on-site training provided by an Autometrix technician.  Additionally,  all of our clients receive personal software training prior to system installation. With Autometrix automation solutions, our customers maximize their resources, minimize material waste, and greatly improve their efficiency.
Key Features
Take the features of the Radium and turbo charge them. The Argon is one of the fastest machines on the market. Watch profitability soar with outstanding cut-part production from a wide range of materials, all with the reliability Autometrix is known for.

Available cutting widths of 62 to 138 inches, with lengths from 6 to 58 feet or more.
Autometrix's systems are complete, including an integrated vacuum table, gantry and cutting head, and a friendly, easy to use hardware/software interface.
This system is equipped with the full feature-set and built-in flexibility required to successfully cut the widest range of materials. Companies rely on the Radium to be their cutting workhorse.

Available cutting widths of 62 to 138 inches, with lengths from 6 to 58 feet or more.
Designed to pair seamlessly with our 5th generation cutting machine gantries and increase their throughput, the Catalyst conveyorized table system is capable of meeting the highest production demands for speed, accuracy, and cut-part production.

Available cutting area of 72 in x 96 in with options for take-off tables and material feed units.
AutoMetrix Advantage: Available cutting widths of 62 and 72 inches, with lengths from 6 to 38 feet.
AutoMetrix Advantage: Available cutting widths of 62 and 72 inches, with lengths from 6 to 38 feet.
•  Cutting head can be outfitted with punch, printer and cutter
•  Bar code or text printing available
•  HMI interface provides intuitive interface for operators
•  Download programs from PatternSmith via a network interface
•  Renewable Lexan sheet reduces maintanence costs
•  All servos include integral amplifiers eliminating a control cabinet
•  Made in the USA
• Installation,training by Autometrix on site following installation
• PatternSmith provides an easy interface to create work orders from existing CAD files.
• Digitizing tools enable the creation of cutting projects from existing templates
• Carbon fiber beam reduces inertia and enables high speed smooth motion
• Modular design enables maintanence to be easily done minimizing downtime
• Efficient automatic nesting maximizes material utilization
• Two year warranty is the longest in the industry
When investing in any capital equipment, its reliability should be one of your principle concerns. That's why reliability is the foundational goal of our design philosophy. Our equipment has a proven track record for excellent reliability, with some of our machines running for over 20 years! We achieve this level of dependability by providing:

• Gantries with low mass and a minimum number of moving parts
• Onboard electronics that allow for minimized cabling
• A modular design that makes for easy maintenance and limited down-time
• Smooth motion that makes the cutting process easy on your machine
PatternSmith Software for Project Creation

PatternSmith has made Autometrix a leader in the field of pattern development software - even our competitors often recommend it! As our principal solution, PatternSmith includes pattern drafting, editing, nesting, and machine control capabilities.
The Advantage cuts what you need, when you need it. Effortless, reliable, built to last, and all at a cost you can't refuse. That's the advantage of doing business with

Available cutting widths of 62 and 72 inches, with lengths from 6 to 38 feet.
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