Mikrosam WindingExpert Composite Vessel Design Software

With the philosophy of providing fully integrated solutions, Mikrosam is able to supply its own internally developed software for creating, editing and simulating filament winding programs.  Its user friendly interface is intuitive and enables the user to get up to speed quickly with the flexibility to create winding programs that can then be fully executed on our machines using our Winding Commander software.  It can also import designs from other common cylinder design or CAD programs.
Cylinder designs can include all of the standard winding patterns such as circumferential (hoop), helical, transitional as well as custom defined layers and programs.  It is also possible to create winding programs for either standard axis-symmetric geometries like tubes, vessels and cones, or complex non-axis symmetric geometries.
Final designs can be exported to any Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program so that its mechanical properties can be analyzed before exporting the design to the filament winding machine.

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