Cevotec's SAMBA fiber patch production system changes the paradigm for manufacturing composite parts.  The industry universally agrees that current manufacturing technologies can not meet the demand for aerospace quality parts at production rates and costs that are needed to meet the anticipated demand.  The desire for consistent quality, increased material yield, even lighter parts and the ability to support either RTM or prepreg has long eluded industry part manufacturers.  Cevotec's SAMBA fiber patch placement system combines the software to optimize the positioning of the patches to achieve the needed load properties and then translates that into the motion control to manipulate robots to automate the positioning of the patches.

Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex fiber composites in high volume and quality - by smart process automation based on Fiber Patch Placement technology. With SAMBA Series, Cevotec offers tailored, automated fiber layup systems for challenging 3D geometries and laminates with complex fiber orientation. ARTIST STUDIO is the associated CAE software for generating patch based fiber laminates and automated robot programming. Along with development services that include FE-based modeling and simulation, Cevotec offers the entire process chain from digital design to final fiber product.

Cevotec's system uses either prepreg or dry tackified tape from .5" to or dry tackified  material from 15mm to 50mm wide to 40mm-200mm long.  Cevotec's system produces a net shaped part ready for curing in an autoclave or using RTM.  Systems can be as simple as a single pick and place head and as complex as a multi robotic line for high speed serial production.  There's nothing like it in the market.  Scan through the pictures below and then contact us so that we can help you leap frog your competitors in the manufacture of your composite parts.
Cevotec Fiber Patch Placement
Cevotec Fiber Patch Placement

Net shaped composite
parts at high speed.

Efficient use of composite materials

Stronger composite parts with optimized load paths

Cevotec's SAMBA Composite Additive Fiber Patch Production System

Cevotec's Fiber Patch Placement reduces material usage and part weight while improving part properties
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